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Part 4: Joey

Part 4: Joey

Welcome back for another article for the upcoming Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters andDuelists of Tomorrow. If you missed our first article we recommend that you check it out here. This will explain a bit about Skill cards and how Speed Dueling works.

A master of luck and one of Yugi’s greatest rivals, Joey Wheeler is remembered for many clutch moments where his Duel hinged on a single random outcome. For today’s preview, we are not looking at a card that will depend on luck but instead a Skill that is full of Joey’s own brand of flavor. Here is the new Skill:

Introducing Pal-O’Mine-Zation!

During your turn, you may reveal 1 Normal Monster in your hand. This turn, that Monster can substitute for any 1 Fusion Material. If you do, the other Fusion Material(s) must be the correct one(s). This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

Joey’s Speed Duel Deck is the only one to contain Extra Deck Monsters with 3 Fusion Monsters at his disposal. When playing Fusion Monsters, you have an option to Special Summon a powerful monster without using your Normal Summon. The trade-off is that you generally must commit a lot of resources to the Fusion Summon and you are also forced to play the listed materials which are not always strong enough on their own. This Skill helps by allowing you to turn any Normal Monster into the correct material for a Fusion Summon. This means that you can use monsters with a higher ATK in your Deck that can stand on their own in place of weaker materials.

A good example of this is the Fusion Monster Thousand Dragon. One of its materials for the Fusion Summon is Baby Dragon. In most cases Baby Dragon will not be able to stand up to much in battle, making it a difficult card to gain value out of it if you cannot Fusion Summon. With this Skill, you can use a different Normal Monster as a material in place of Baby Dragon allowing you to for example use Red-Eyes B. Dragon as 1 of the materials with Time Wizard. This would then let you use Red-Eyes Spirit to get back your Red-Eyes B. Dragon leaving you with two powerful monsters on the field.

As more cards are introduced into Speed Dueling, it may become difficult to easily support Summoning multiple Fusion Monsters in the same Deck because of the limited Deck size. This Skill can let you overlap your Fusion materials to give you more options in the game, or even let you reduce the number of cards that are only strong when used for a Fusion Summon.

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