KONAMI Card Game Network (KCGN)

ID Registration Information

ID Registration

To participate in an event or tournament, you need to obtain a Card Game ID (previously referred to as a COSSY ID) and register online as a KONAMI ID member. Becoming a KONAMI ID member and linking your KONAMI ID to your Card Game ID also gives you access to a variety of other services*, so be sure to register!

*Some features are only available to registered KONAMI ID members. Please refer to Various services offered by KONAMI Card Game Network.

There are 3 ways to obtain a Card Game ID.

1. Obtain a new Card Game ID with a Physical ID Card

You can obtain a physical ID Card with the 10-digit Card Game ID number at an Official Tournament Store (OTS). After receiving the card, you will still need to register online and become a KONAMI ID member on the KONAMI ID Website.

Click here to see how to become a member.

Please enter your name and birth date on the back of the card in case you lose your ID card.

2. Obtain a new Card Game ID online

You can obtain a new Card Game ID on the KONAMI Card Game Network. Click on the login button and proceed to “KONAMI ID” membership registration.

Click here to see how to become a member.

3. Obtain a new Card Game ID through Yu‑Gi‑Oh! NEURON

You can also obtain a new Card Game ID by installing the official support application “Yu‑Gi‑Oh! NEURON” on your smartphone and proceed to the “KONAMI ID/Card Game ID” registration from the menu. For more information about Yu‑Gi‑Oh! NEURON, go here!

 *If you already have a Card Game ID from another method, you can link to your existing ID.

Important Notes:

Please remember to update your membership with your latest information.

You will need to enter a valid email address.  A verification code will be sent to your email in order to verify and complete your Card Game ID registration.

*For some events, changing your address in the middle of the event will invalidate your prize winnings. Please be sure to register your correct mailing address, as you may receive information about special events and prizes you have won by mail.

*Please do not tell your user ID and password to others or set passwords that are easy to guess.

*If you already had a physical ID Card but were issued a new Card Game ID through the website, you can unlink the new Card Game ID registered on your KONAMI ID through “My KONAMI” so that you can retain all your tournament information accumulated through your old ID Card. After unlinking the incorrect ID, please re-register the correct Card Game ID (located on the back of your physical ID card) through KONAMI Card Game Network. Please note that once the “Card Game ID” issued on the website is unlinked and deleted, it cannot be re-issued.

*It is prohibited for one person to obtain and use multiple Card Game IDs. If you are found to be using multiple Card Game IDs, you may not be able to participate in future events and campaigns.

Various services offered by KONAMI Card Game Network

In addition to issuing Card Game IDs, KONAMI Card Game Network offers the following services:

  • Build and manage your Card List and create a wishlist *
  • Create and manage Deck Lists which you can save privately or share publicly *
  • Search for events and hosting stores
  • Search for upcoming events and hosting stores in your neighborhood using GPS
  • Display the map of the hosting stores and venues
  • Pre-register and submit your Deck List for events *
  • Confirm your opponent and seating on the day of the event *
  • Enter to win drawings and gift giveaway drawings held by OTS *
  • Check the match results for events you have participated in *
  • Check your ranking *

 *These services require registration as a KONAMI ID member.