Get ready to learn how to play the


The Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TRADING CARD GAME is an exciting game of strategy, luck, and skill. These videos use scenes from the popular television series to teach and guide you through the very first steps to learn how to play the game.

Follow along as you watch each How To Play video that will break down the rules of the game in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Beginner - The Basics of Dueling

Getting Started

When it’s time to Duel, here’s what you need to do! How many cards do you need? Who goes first? How do you win? This video has all the answers.

The Flow of a Duel

All About Monsters

In the Heat of the Battle

More Main Phase Actions

After you have learned the basics of Yu‑Gi‑Oh!, you can move on to the advanced beginner videos and explore all the different kind of monsters that you can Special Summon from the Extra Deck! Get ready to Duel!

Advanced Beginner - Strategy and Summoning

Special Spells and Traps

Chains and Chaining

Ritual Monsters and Ritual Summoning

Fusion Monsters and Fusion Summoning

Synchro Monsters and Synchro Summoning

Xyz Monsters and Xyz Summoning

Pendulum Monsters and Pendulum Summoning

Link Monsters and Link Summoning

Now that you've mastered the basics, head on over to an Official Tournament Store to participate in a local event and join the growing Yu‑Gi‑Oh! community!