Speed Duel Tutorial

Part 3: Ishizu

Part 3: Ishizu

Welcome back for another article about our upcoming product Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters and Duelists of Tomorrow.

If you missed our first article about how the basics of Speed Dueling and how Skill cards work, please read that article here before reading on.

Ishizu was tasked with guarding the Tomb of the Pharaoh, along with her brother Marik. Eventually Marik did not want to follow this path and unleashed his twisted inner darkness. Ishizu, desperate to save her brother, manipulated Kaiba into launching the Battle City Tournament by giving him 1 of the 3 legendary Egyptian God cards, Obelisk the Tormentor, with the intent to win the card back.

Thanks to her Millennium Necklace, Ishizu could see into the future and knew precisely how everything would fall into place. Almost everything went according to plan right up until the moment Ishizu was about to win her Duel against Kaiba, when an unexpected event caused Kaiba to summon his Blue- Eyes White Dragon instead of attacking with Obelisk the Tormentor allowing him to win the Duel.

Ishizu learned from that Duel that the future is not written in stone and gave the Millennium Necklace to Yugi.

*At the start of the opponent’s turn, before they draw, you may look at the top 3 cards of their Deck and rearrange them in any order.

This Skill can only be used once per Duel.

The “Millennium Necklace” Skill gives you a glimpse into your opponent’s future and allows you to manipulate events to your advantage. Players that have played Advanced Constructed Yu‑Gi‑Oh! may remember the card Spyral GEAR – Drone which is a monster that allows you to look at the top cards of your opponent’s Deck and manipulate them. Duelists everywhere quickly saw how rearranging the top of the opponent’s Deck to prevent them from drawing comeback cards was very strong.

As a Skill it’s a little different from some that we have shown so far. If you want to build your Deck in a certain way and there are no direct Skills to improve your Deck, this is the type of Skill you could add to any strategy you wanted and use it to set your opponent back. Like Pegasus’s “Millenium Eye” Skill, this is one that will reward experienced players. The key is to know exactly when to use the Skill to capitalize on denying your opponent a particular card they need.

A deeper level of this Skill is that the opponent doesn’t get to look at the cards you rearrange, this means you can glean information about what the opponent doesn’t have in their hand to make better decisions. It can be hard to bluff a powerful trap when you don’t know what the opponent saw on top of your Deck. We hope you have enjoyed your very own look into the future today and we look forward to sharing more reveals to you soon.

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