Speed Duel Tutorial

Part 2: Pegasus

Part 2: Pegasus

Welcome to our second article for the upcoming Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters and Duelists of Tomorrow. If you missed our first article we recommend that you check it out here. This will explain a bit about Skill Cards and how Speed Dueling works.

The master of the Millennium Eye was an extremely dangerous opponent for Yugi in the original series. In addition to being able to seal souls away in cards, Pegasus could use his eye to see his opponent’s hand and strategically pick apart the opponent’s strategy. He would use this information to taunt them, break their resolve and masterfully crush his opponents.

Today we have another brand-new Skill to reveal to you all for Pegasus. Firstly, a quick look at the card back:

And now for the effect of “Millennium Eye”:

At the start of the Duel, look at your opponent’s opening hand. You may choose to have that player shuffle their hand into their Deck and draw a new hand. (If both players use a Skill at the same time, the Turn player resolves their Skill first.)

The “Millennium Eye” Skill is extremely powerful in the hands of an experienced Duelist. At the beginning of the game after the opponent draws their cards, this Skill will let you look at their opening hand, then you have 2 choices. If you decide your opponent’s hand is weak, you can memorize it and build your plan around what you have seen. Or if you think their hand is strong, you can make them shuffle it back and redraw a new hand. The trade-off here is keeping the information you have seen to give you an advantage. You won’t get to see the redrawn cards so you must consider carefully which is more important to you in the Duel.

To explain the last part of this Skill, essentially if you have 2 Skills that would meet their activation requirements at the same time and happen to be a Skill that can be used during the opponent’s turn, the order in which you resolve them is turn player, followed by the other player. As no chain is used, fully resolve the turn player’s Skill first then the other player can resolve theirs.

This type of Skill will take a lot of practice to get used to. Once the players begin to figure out the format the power of the information or disruption this Skill offers will be invaluable.

As an extra bonus, we would also like to share one more Skill for Pegasus:

This Skill is one you use right at the start of the game. Once both players sit down and figure out who is going first, flip this over and put it into your Spell & Trap Zone:

This card is treated as “Toon World”.

For those of you who want to play a Toon Deck, this Skill lets you start with the key card in play so that you can get your strategy going. It’s worth noting that once in the Spell & Trap Zone or the Graveyard, for all intents and purposes this is a Continuous Spell. If an effect would return it to your hand you can re-play it as a Spell Card and as a bonus you won’t even need to pay 1000 LP (Life Points) like you would with Toon World!

As you can only use 1 Skill in your deck, deciding which Skill to use becomes a big factor in constructing your Deck for Speed Dueling.

Thanks for reading!