Suspended Players List

Information on Disqualifications, Investigations and Reinstatements:

Players who have been disqualified from an event are subject to review, to determine if further penalties will be assigned.

Disqualification reports will be reviewed by the KDE Penalty Committee, and players will be contacted with the committee’s findings. In some instances, no further action will be considered necessary. In others, the player may receive the additional penalty of being suspended from KDE’s Organised Play program.

Suspended players will not be automatically reinstated into Organized Play, and must contact KDE after their Suspension period has passed in order to request reinstatement.

Even after the eligibility date has passed, players are still considered to be suspended until they have both applied for reinstatement and received a notification from KDE that they are once again a player in good standing. Reinstatements are not automatically granted, and may take some time to be ratified by the Penalty Committee.

For further information please read the Official KDE Tournament Penalty Guidelines document.

If you have any questions about the Suspended Player List, please contact:

List of Suspended Players

The Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Suspended Players List is now only accessible to Official Tournament Stores (OTS) via the KCGN Portal. Players who wish to find out their status on the Suspended Player List will need to check their email provided on the disqualification form.