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Part 6: Yami Yugi

Part 6: Yami Yugi

Welcome back for another article for the upcoming Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters and Duelists of Tomorrow.

Thousands of years ago, the spirit of an ancient Pharaoh sealed away ancient magic and his own soul into the Millennium Puzzle. As an extra precaution, the Pharaoh also erased his memory to prevent the evil from returning. 5000 years later, the Millennium Puzzle was solved by Yugi and the spirit of the Pharaoh once again returned to the world with no memories of what had happened. Both the Pharaoh and Yugi share a single body, but when a Duel begins, the Pharaoh comes to the surface and Yugi takes on the form of Yami Yugi.

Today we are looking at a new Skill that can bend destiny to the will of the Pharaoh:

Take a look at Final Draw:

Activate this Skill during your Main Phase. Once per turn, during your turn, you may place a counter on this Skill. If it has 3 or more counters when you would draw a card, you may search your Deck for any card and add it to your hand instead. At the end of the turn you use this Skill, you lose the Duel.

So, you probably thought we were going to show you the Skill “Destiny Draw” from Duel Links. If you did, you can probably see the similarities of the Skill. “Destiny Draw” lets you search your Deck for a card instead of drawing during your Draw Phase every time your LP (Life Points) decreases by 2000. “Final Draw” doesn’t require you to lose any LP, however it does take a few turns to charge up. Once you get to 3 counters, when you would draw a card you can search your Deck for any card instead, but at the end of that turn if you did not win, you lose the Duel. That’s a pretty steep drawback, however the huge difference with “Final Draw” is that it doesn’t just replace your normal draw for the turn. If you pair this with say Shard of Greed (which is included as one of the variant cards in Speed Duel Starter Deck: Destiny Masters), on that final turn you will be able to search your Deck for 3 cards instead of drawing blindly from the Deck. With a bit of set-up this allows you to craft the perfect combination of cards to win the Duel.

“Final Draw” is an amazing Skill for combo Decks, providing you have enough time to charge it up. You can put your opponent into a position where if they do not play very aggressively, they risk losing to the powerful combo you were able to assemble thanks to multiple searches from “Final Draw”.

The double edge of this is if your opponent has a card to disrupt your combo and you can’t end the Duel, your own Skill will cause you to lose.

To get used to this Skill, you can brush up on your Duel Quizzes in Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Duel Links to make sure you can find the winning move regardless of the situation!

Thanks for reading!