Date:  5 February 2024

  • YU-GI-OH! EARLY DAYS COLLECTION is coming to Nintendo Switch™ and Steam®, including titles previously only released in Japan   
  • DUELS IN VR – “Yu‑Gi‑Oh! DUEL LINKS Presents SOLID VISION EXPERIMENT” features VR Duels in 3D with monsters such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon 
  • YU-GI-OH! MASTER DUEL x AI PROJECT” presents the first demonstration of learning AI operating in Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL 

Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. (KONAMI) is delighted to announce a new Yu‑Gi‑Oh! digital title is in development, and it’s sure to excite nostalgic Duelists across the world. If that wasn’t enough, KONAMI unveiled Yu‑Gi‑Oh! featuring cutting-edge VR and AI technology, transforming Duels like never before.  

Duel back in time with the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Early Days Collection 

Revealed at the “Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Duel Monsters: The Legend of Duelist QUARTER CENTURY” special event in Tokyo, Japan, Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Early Days Collection is a new digital title in development, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Card Game. 

Coming to the Nintendo Switch™ and Steam®, Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Early Days Collection brings together the earliest Yu‑Gi‑Oh! games ever released. The collection will include titles that weren’t previously released in the West.  

One title has already been confirmed: 2000’s Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Battle of Great Duelists for the Game Boy Color – a title that was previously released only in Japan. More details will be announced in the future, so please stay tuned.  

Enter the Duel in a new VR experiment for Yu‑Gi‑Oh! 

At the “Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Duel: Monsters The Legend of Duelist Quarter Century” event, attendees were able to step into a brand-new Yu‑Gi‑Oh! experience which combines the world of the mobile and PC game Yu‑Gi‑Oh! DUEL LINKS with VR technology.  

“Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Duel Links Presents SOLID VISION EXPERIMENT” takes the illustrations from the cards and brings them to life in an immersive VR space. Players take part in a realistic Duel within the world of Yu‑Gi‑Oh! DUEL LINKS, featuring iconic monsters like Blue-Eyes White Dragon, appearing in stunning 3D.   

KONAMI will continue to develop Yu‑Gi‑Oh! games with VR and various other technologies.  

Additionally, KONAMI can reveal Maximum Summoning is coming to Rush Duel in Yu‑Gi‑Oh! DUEL LINKS. This brand-new feature lets you combine three Maximum Monsters together into one super-powerful monster with extremely high attack power and the ability to use each of those Maximum Monsters’ effects.  

Maximum Summoning is coming to Yu‑Gi‑Oh! DUEL LINKS on 28 February. 

A new way to Duel in “Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL x AI Project” 

“Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Duel Monsters: The Legend of Duelist QUARTER CENTURY” attendees enjoying seeing Duels in Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL with an AI opponent that learns the more that it Duels. 

Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL, which is set to celebrate its 2nd anniversary, is the definitive edition of the competitive card game on all platforms. “Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL x AI Project” is a project to deliver new ways to enjoy Duels in Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL by building a system that allows AI to be installed in the game, enabling Duels in Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL to be played with the AI created by external programs. The AI program grows and learns through continuous Dueling. During the event, attendees saw the thinking processes of the AI visualised, such as selection patterns of the AI’s actions, quantifying win rates depending on how Duels develop, and predicting which cards would be played. 

It has not yet been determined if “Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL x AI Project” will be added to the game itself. 

Furthermore, to celebrate 2 years of Yu‑Gi‑Oh! MASTER DUEL, new 2nd Anniversary commemorative items and login bonuses are coming to the game. Starting 7 February, players can acquire: 

  • A differently illustrated UR edition of the famous Blue-Eyes White Dragon in resplendent Royal Finish 
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon-themed accessories, including a Duel Field, Card Case, Protector and more 
  • A magnificent new Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon Mate 
  • 1,000 Gems for free and 3 free 2nd Anniversary Packs, including UR Royal Finish cards  

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