Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Trading card game

Yugi & Kaiba Quarter Century Card Case

Release Date:  8 February 2024

Protect your Deck with this 25th Anniversary Card Case featuring Yugi & Kaiba!

The celebrations for the 25th Anniversary of the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! card game continue with the Yugi & Kaiba Quarter Century Card Case for the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TRADING CARD GAME!

Protect your Deck with the perfect Card Case featuring brand-new dynamic artwork of Yami Yugi and Seto Kaiba with a bold Quarter Century logo ensuring the Yugi & Kaiba Quarter Century Card Case will be a treasured classic for the next 25 years and beyond!

This official Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TCG Card Case is large enough to hold a Duelist’s Main Deck, Extra Deck and Side Deck. Each Card Case is made from durable material, includes a card divider, and comes with a sturdy closure to ensure your cards will stay protected inside. Keep your Deck safe and get ready to Duel!

Name, design and contents subject to change.

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