Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Trading card game

Gold Pride – Carrie’s Crew Card Sleeves

Release Date:  27 July 2023

Official Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) Card Sleeves help Duelists keep their cards secure and protected during Duels.

Only the strongest, smartest, and most loyal make it on to Carrie’s Crew, so let your competition know they won’t stand a chance against you by Dueling with the brand-new Official Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TCG Gold Pride – Carrie’s Crew Card Sleeves! Featuring stitch-patterned artwork of the emblem known far and wide as the symbol of the mighty Gold Pride – Captain Carrie, you can show your love and undying support for the Captain while keeping your cards safe in style! Make sure to keep an eye out for more “Gold Pride” cards in Cyberstorm Access releasing this May!

Each pack contains 50 Card Sleeves specifically designed to meet tournament regulation standards for the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! TCG.

Name, design and contents subject to change.

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