2024 European & Oceanic World Championship Qualifier Update

Date:  21 May 2024

Attention Duelists,

We would like to give advanced notice to a policy which will be in effect for the 2024 World Championship Qualifier events in Europe and Oceania.

We will be implementing a policy for these events, relating to both Game Mats and Card Sleeves. This acts as an expansion of Section L. of the Official Tournament Policy, which outlines what materials can be used by Duelists taking part in our livestreamed feature matches.

All WCQ Main Event and World Qualifying Points Playoff participants must:

  • Use only a plain, solid colour or officially licensed Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Game Mat,
  • Use only plain, solid colour or officially licensed Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Card Sleeves.
  • If Card Sleeves and/or a Game Mat are provided for use during the stream, you must use the items provided

The reasons we are implementing these changes are the following:

  • To reduce the time spent during the tournament checking Duelists’ accessories
  • To help free up Judges to spend less time monitoring accessories, and more time providing an improved tournament experience for Duelists
  • To ensure we can consistently provide an experience for attendees of all ages

During our events, we will have our Judges and Staff; particularly for our livestream, check whether a Duelist’s accessories are eligible to be shown on our stream. This has not always been a simple process, as the rules we have in place for accessories between the Main Event and Livestreamed Feature Match were not always aligned. This policy for the WCQ should help reduce any frustration Duelists have before what can be sometimes an intimidating experience.

We also wish to provide clarity and certainty around what accessories can be used at these events. We hope this will ensure a smoother experience for both Duelists’ and Judges, and ensure Judges can spend more time focusing on supporting Duelists’ with Rules questions.

We also see that Judges will frequently need to question if a Game Mat is appropriate for the attendees, which includes Children in our Dragon Duel category. We wish to make sure that we better focus Judges’ time away from having to monitor what accessories are being used, and more towards making sure your Rules Questions are answered in an appropriate timeframe.

We award all attendees with a participation Game Mat and a pack of WCQ Sleeves for the event. We will also be officially expanding this to the World Qualifying Points participants who will receive an additional pack of WCQ Sleeves as part of their participation prize for the WQP Playoff.

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