World Qualifying Points - Frequently Asked Questions

What are World Qualifying Points (WQP)?

WQP are a way to earn an invite to the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! World Championship in certain regions.
Duelists who earn World Championship Qualifier (WCQ) invites throughout the course of the Organized Play Season will also earn “WQP”.

Duelists who earn the most WQP are invited to a WQP Playoff at the end of the season (see below; "What is the WQP Playoff").

What is the WQP Playoff?

At the end of the WCQ season, a playoff will be held, named the World Qualifying Point Playoff "WQP Playoff".

This Playoff will be held at the WCQ held in their territory (e.g. Europe), to earn an invite to the upcoming Yu‑Gi‑Oh! OCG and TCG World Championship.

Is my region eligible for a WQP Playoff?

Please see a list of regions hosting a WQP Playoff:

Europe: Yes
Regions - Europe, Middle East, Africa

Oceania: No
Regions - Oceania

North America, Central America, South America:
Please check here for further information.

What is the tournament structure for the WQP Playoff?

The WQP Playoff is an Advaned Constructed, Swiss round tournament, with a cut to a Top playoff.

How many Duelists from each territory will receive an invite to the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! OCG and TCG World Championship via the WQP Playoff?

Please check the respective WQP Playoff page - this will provide the information on how many Duelists will earn a Yu‑Gi‑Oh! OCG and TCG World Championship invite.

Can I earn WQP in other regions?

You may earn WQP in other regions, but you will only be eligible to the WQP Playoff if you hold residency or nationality in that respective territory.

Do events in all regions count towards my WQP tally?

No. WQP do not carry over from one region to another. WQP may also only be claimed if you hold residency or nationality in the respective territory.

Examples A Duelist earns 10 WQP at a Regional in North America, and 8 points at a Regional in Europe.

As these regions are considered different territories, these points are not combined.

What do I receive for competing in the WQP Playoff?

All participants in the Play-off will receive:

  • VIP Status in the WCQ (Assigned seating and guaranteed entry) regardless of their final record in the WQP Playoff
  • A Super Rare copy of the current YCS Prize card for that Season

    Participants who did not earn one of the invites to the World Championship via the WQP Playoff can still play in the WCQ for a chance to earn an invite to the World Championship.

    The winners of the WQP Playoffs can also compete in the WCQ for additional prizing. If a WQP Playoff winner participates in the WCQ and ranks high enough in the WCQ to earn an invite to the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! World Championship, the invite will automatically pass down to the next eligible Duelist in the WCQ. All other prizing is awarded is awarded to the Duelist.

  • Where can I earn WQP?

    You can earn WQP at any in person event that awards an invite to the World Championship Qualifier, such as Regional Qualifiers, OTS Championships, National Championships, and the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Championship Series.

    Remote Duel Yu‑Gi‑Oh! Championship Series events do not award WQP.

    WQP are awarded for in-person events for the current Organized Play season. Points from previous seasons do not contribute WQP to following season(s).

    How are WQP awarded?

    The number of WQP awarded depends on the number of invites awarded at an event (with exception to YCS events, which awarded a bonus - see below).
    The total number of invites awarded at an event will determine how many WQP can be earned. For example, at a Regional Qualifier that awards 32 WCQ invites, the Duelist who comes in 1st place will earn 32 points, the 2nd place Duelist will earn 31 points, and so on, down to the 32nd place Duelist who will earn 1 point.

    In addition, every Duelist that makes the Top Cut at a YCS will also earn 32 WQP in addition to the WQP awarded to them after that event’s final standings.

    For example, if a YCS awards 32 invites to the WCQ, World Qualifier Points will be earned as follows:

    Rank* WQP Earned
    1st 64 (32 pts for 1st place + 32 pts for Top Cut)
    2nd 63 (31 + 32)
    3rd 62 (30 + 32)
    4th 61 (29 + 32)
    5th 60 (28 + 32)
    6th 59 (27 + 32)
    7th 58 (26 + 32)
    8th 57 (25 + 32)

    *This would continue down to 32nd place, which would earn 33 WQP. The 32 WQP are awarded as a flat number of points to the Top Cut of the event.
    If an event has Top64, this will continue awarding an additional 32 WQP, not 64.

    Rank* WQP Earned
    1st 96 (64 pts for 1st place + 32 pts for Top Cut)
    2nd 95 (63 + 32)
    3rd 94 (62 + 32)
    4th 93 (61 + 32)
    5th 92 (60 + 32)
    6th 91 (59 + 32)
    7th 90 (58 + 32)
    8th 89 (57 + 32)

    *This would continue down to 64th place, which would earn 65 WQP.
    If you would like to know how many points you can earn at your event, substitute the number of invites for the total above, and follow the same pattern

    Do OTS Championships award WQP?

    Yes. Any in-person event which awards a WCQ invite will award WQP.

    How often will the WQP list be updated?

    KDE-E will update the WQP list periodically leading up to the WQP Playoff. Please check here to view the latest update.

    Events will usually take some time to be uploaded into the system and the files processed, so if your point total does not reflect your up-to-the-moment Organized Play history, don’t panic. It will be updated!

    The WQP total will usually be consistent with the WCQ Invite list. If you want to see which events have been processed, visit the WCQ invite list.

    What should I do if I think I have earned WQP that haven’t been credited?

    Please check here and make sure your event has been reported, you will find this on the "Season - List of Events" page.
    If your event hasn't been reported, please check with the tournament organiser.

    If your event has been reported, please contact us and include:
    Alongside a breakdown of Events and Points earnt, so we can check any discrepancies.

    What is the cut-off for earning WQP?

    Duelists can earn WQP at all events until 2 weeks before the upcoming World Championship Qualiifer. At this point all point tallies will be finalised.

    Duelists who notice any discrepencies beyond this point will not be eligible to have their points tallies reviewed.

    If a Duelist earns an invite to the Yu‑Gi‑Oh! World Championship via the WQP Playoff and is unable to attend, will that invite pass down to the next eligible Duelist?

    Duelists who earn an WCS invite must start the process of obtaining their travel documentation in the week following the WQP Playoff. In the event that a Duelist is unable to attend, the next eligibile Duelist will be selected from the World Championship Qualifier (WCQ) final standings.

    What happens if more Duelists are tied in WQP?

    If there is a tie in the number of points (for example; 14th place through to 20th place), Duelists will be ranked based on the most points accumulated at a single event.

    Rank WQP Note
    14 265 Duelist earnt 52 points at a single event
    15 265 Duelist earnt 47 points at a single event
    16 265 Duelist earnt 46 points at a single event
    17 265 Duelist earnt 40 points at a single event
    18 265 Duelist earnt 38 points at a single event
    19 265 Duelist earnt 37 points at a single event
    20 265 Duelist earnt 35 points at a single event

    The Duelist placed 14th, 15th and 16th earnt more WQP at a single event, earning them the WQP invite based on tie-breaker.

    If more than 1 Duelist has the same tie-breaker, the second largest WQP will be considered, then third, etc, until the tie is broken

    If a Dragon Duelist earns enough WQP via Regionals and YCS, can they participate in the WQP Play-off?

    Duelists of any age may participate at the WQP Playoff as long as they have enough WQP to earn an invite.

    What are the eligibility requirements to represent a territory via WQP?

    Duelists must be legal residents or hold Nationality for the territory they wish to compete in. This will be checked leading up to the event, Duelists must promptly provide proof of nationality/residency when requested.

    A Duelist may only register for the WQP Playoff in one region.
    In addition, a Duelist cannot compete in a WQP Playoff in one region, and the WCQ in another region.
    E.G. A Duelist who registered to compete at the WCQ in Europe, they may not compete at either the WQP Playoff or WCQ in North America.
    If a Duelist needs to alter their registration for an event, they need to contact KONAMI no less than two weeks prior to the WCQ event.

    Can I compete in more than one WQP Playoff in a season?

    Dueliest may compete in the WQP Playoff in one region only, even if they have enough points and are eligible (via Nationality/Residency) to compete in multiple regions.

    Can I change the territory I compete in for the WQP?

    Under exceptional circumstances (Duelist changes residency as a result of school or family, etc.), a Duelist may request that their WQP (and WCQ invite) be transferred to the territory that of residence during the the WQP playoff. This transfer will have the following requirements:

    The Duelist must provide proof of residency change
    Please note that this is for actual residency changes and not for Duelists that have residency in multiple territories.

    For Europe, please submit your transfer request to

  • Please note that a KDE-E Representative will contact the Duelist once the transfer is complete or if they need additional information
  • Duelists must reach out to KONAMI no less than one month before the WQP Playoff
  • Any transfer requests within one month of the WQP Playoff will not be considered

  • Can a Duelist with dual residency for countries in different territories count their WQP towards either territory?

    WQP are earnt only for the territory of the event. Points earnt in one territory count for that territory only, irrespective of residency/nationality in other territories.

    Can WQP be purchased?

    No, WQP cannot be purchased.

    Can I transfer my WQP to a friend or family member?

    No, WQP are non-transferable.

    Can I redeem WQP for any other kind of prizing?

    No, WQP will only count towards earning an invite to play in the WQP Play-off at their respective WCQ.

    Will WQP from previous WQP seasons be carried over?

    WQP reset at the start of each new season. They will not be carried over to future seasons.

    Will Suspended Duelists lose their WQP?

    A Duelist must be in good standing no-less than 2 weeks before the WQP Playoff. If a Duelist is not in good standing, they will be ineligible for the event. WQP will reset at the start of the following season for all Duelists, including players who are not in good standing.