About The Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game

What is the "Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game"?

The Yu-Gi-Oh "Official Card Game" (OCG) made its debut in the serialized comics of the same name. Using the in-story's card game as the foundation, the actual card game was made and officially released in 1999. Even after over 20 years, the game's depth and variety continues to be a big hit, and the world's number one Trading Card Game!


For First-Timers

Starter Deck

When starting, it is recommended to begin by purchasing a "Starter Deck".
Starter Decks come pre-constructed, and can be immediately used for Dueling!

Be sure to check for occasional tutorial classes to help get into the game quickly!

【POINT 1】 Learn how to play in Tutorial Events!

Events for teaching first-timers how to play the game are occasionally held!
Signing up is free, so be sure to bring along your family and friends!

【POINT 2】 Learn to play from duelist friends!

If you have friends who are already duelists, try asking them to teach you how to play!
Learn the basics quickly with practice from friendly duels to jump-start your path to mastery!

【POINT 3】 Read up on dueling using our website!

Teaching Site

This site also features learning guides to get you started!
Be sure to have a look around!

Understanding More

Be sure to watch for Rare Cards!

Shiny Rare Cards can be found in Booster Packs!
Check below for a sneak peek!

Once You're Familiar...

Event Photo

Once you've gotten used to dueling, try taking part in our events!
In addition to annual tournaments such as the Asia/World Championships, test your skills at our official store near your area!

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