English Edition for Asia Forbidden / Limited Card Lists

In addition to the official tournament rules' 3-card limit on cards which share the same name, further restrictions exist for certain cards which limit their use in official tournaments.

Please make sure the Decks you plan on using for the tournament complies with the forbidden card lists presented in this section.

There are three types of card restrictions which take effect across all Decks used:

Explanation of Listing Selection Method

In the Yu-Gi-Oh OCG, cards released since the beginning of the franchise can be used for dueling. As new cards and features are continuously being introduced into the series, core elements of the game such as gameplay balance is constantly taken into account.

To do this, restrictions (categorized as Forbidden, Limited, and Semi-Limited) will be applied to certain cards, and are enforced for official tournaments. Depending on the new releases and gameplay elements, these restrictions are not necessarily permanent, and may change occasionally.

The main points for enforcing forbidden/limited card lists aims to:

  • ● Maintain game balance, and to uphold an enjoyable gameplay experience.
  • ● Encourage variety in Decks and card choices between duelists for more variety.
  • ● Reduce exploits by restricting certain card combos.
  • ● Minimize overwhelming advantages with game breaking cards and/or strategies.
  • ● Minimize cases of trapping duelists with one-sided disadvantages.
  • ● Reduce situations where certain card effects may disrupt the flow of a duel.
  • ● Reduce cases where certain effects and elements become difficult to determine during tournaments.

Previous Forbidden/Limited/Semi-Limited Card Lists

1. Effective starting 2023/11