Duel at home with your friends or duelists around the world easily!
Let's Duel using a web camera!

What you need

  • Tablet, desktop or laptop PC
  • Web camera or smartphone
  • *A dedicated application is required when using a smartphone instead of a web camera
  • Tripod or flexible arm for web camera
What you need

*An internet connection is required to play with others.

What you need to Duel
  • Your own deck
  • Your own playmat

Set-up Example

What you need for dueling

Get a software for video chatting!

Please use the software and applications according to the PC, laptop, or tablet you are using!

Video Screen

When set-up is complete, check your screen!

Video Screen

Now, you are ready to Duel!
Expand your Duelist network with「#RemoteDuel」


The cost for internet access, cards, and other necessary equipment for RemoteDuel shall be paid by customer.
Konami shall not be responsible for any trouble between customers. Thank you for your understanding.