English Edition for Asia Forbidden / Limited Card Lists (2023/11)

Forbidden Cards: 30

Forbidden Cards cannot be used in any Decks in Official Tournaments.

Card NameUpdates
Amazoness Archer (Updated from: Amazon Archer) New
Cannon Soldier New
Cyber Jar New
Fiber Jar New
Magical Scientist New
Butterfly Dagger - Elma New
Card of Safe Return New
Cold Wave New
Confiscation New
Delinquent Duo New
Dimension Fusion New
Giant Trunade New
Heavy Storm New
Last Will New
Mass Driver New
Metamorphosis New
Mirage of Nightmare New
Painful Choice New
Pot of Greed New
Premature Burial New
Smoke Grenade of the Thief New
Snatch Steal New
The Forceful Sentry New
Imperial Order New
Last Turn New
Life Equalizer New
Magical Explosion New
Royal Oppression New
Trap Dustshoot New
Ultimate Offering New