Official Events

The Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG features officially-sponsored year-round events for duelists to take part in!
Check below to find out more about the most popular events!

Ranking Tournaments

Ranking tournaments are held regulary at recognized Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Shops!
Players earn 15 points for taking part, and an additional 10 points per duel won.

Tournament periods usually begin and end on April 1st of each year, so be sure to prepare yourself!

Update: Starting 2015, ranking points will not only count towards the entire year’s ranking score, but will also be counted towards a seasonal ranking score which is accumulated through the same ranking tournament. At the end of each season, each area will host a Rank-Up League in the following month in which the top ranking players from that season will be invited to duel for the throne of the season champion!

Asia Championship

The Asia Championships (ACS) are annual events that serve as a series of preliminary rounds for qualifying into the World Championships (WSC). Duelists across the Asian Region (which typically includes Hong Kong & Macau, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines) take part in this event through a series of varying tournaments.

The champion of this event will then proceed to the World Championships, which usually take place outside of the Asian Region.

Asia Championship PLUS

The Asia Championship PLUS events distinguish themselves from the normal Asia Championships by being tag-team events.

World Championship

The World Championships (WCS) take place once a year in the summer months between July-August.
Held in different locations around the world every year, this tournament invites only the best of the best of every region to pit their skills against each other and for the winner to be crowned the World Champion!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament (YOT)

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Open Tournament (YOT) is a series of 2-day tournaments to be held in the Asia region, where duelists from the Asia region and around the globe can compete for fame, glory and great prizes.

These tournaments are a great chance for all players to meet up to duel, trade and also meet up with like-minded friends. Through the YOT Regionals, duelists will get a chance to prepare for the upcoming YOT, and the winners will receive byes in the YOT main event and receive the limited edition sleeves from the upcoming YOT.!