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Promoção Artes Perdidas

More new Lost Art Promotion card are being released this year! Duelists have the chance to add one to their collection by spending at least $30 USD ($40 CAD) excluding sales tax, on sealed Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG products at participating OTS locations*.

Embrace the gilded curse with the Lost Art of Eldlich the Golden Lord and his dazzling display of power!

Every great Summon comes with a price – are you willing to pay the cost for the ultimate power? Now you can with Lost Arts for Ultimate Offering and Ultimeat Offering!

Step carefully or prepare to be ensnared by Double Trap Hole.

Get ready to charge up for a shocking twist with Wattcancel!

Leap back into action with the Lost Art of Treeborn Frog!

Fulfill the contract and Summon forth Exodia Necross!

Venture into the eerie world of mechanical despair with Gimmick Puppet Dreary Doll.

Special Summon back any monster from the Graveyard as the ankh version of Monster Reborn returns to the Lost Art Promotion!

Make sure to get your hands on these cards as they join the Lost Art Promotion! Please be sure to reach out to your Official Tournament Store (OTS) directly for the most updated information about their participation and availability.

* While supplies last. Distribution schedule is subject to change.