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Launch Date07/29/2020
LinksOfficial Yu-Gi-Oh! NEURON website

Download the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG official support app!

Yu-Gi-Oh! NEURON is the official support app for the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) and offers many features that can help you organize your Decks, search the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database, find out where Official Tournament Stores are to play in sanctioned tournaments, register to participate in events, register Decks for Tournaments, and more!




  • Easily register and manage your Decks by linking it to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Database*
  • Support features for Dueling such as calculating Life Points (LP), flipping coins, rolling dice and placing/removing Counters
  • Log, save and archive up to 30 Duels
  • Easily search cards by specifying Card Name, Card Text, Link Markers, etc. – use your camera to access the card recognition function to search for cards too
  • View the current Forbidden & Limited Lists
  • Tournament Participation support features such as Card Game ID display and Deck registration
  • Search for Official Tournament Stores and Sanctioned Events
  • Submit your Deck for specific Tournaments


*  This will require registration as a KONAMI ID member