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Alternate Format Tournaments

Challenge fellow Duelists from other schools

Duelists across the nation have the chance to team up with their classmates and challenge fellow Duelists from other schools!

Designed specifically for students who want to attend and have fun competing at KONAMI premier-level events, students from the same school can register as a team to compete for a variety of prizes.

School Tournament Series Information

Choose your Era and Get Ready to DUEL!

The Generation Duel Tournament is an event where Duelists can play a Deck based off of one of the five different anime series (eras) of Yu-Gi-Oh!.  Each era has its own Forbidden & Limited List,

Generation Duel Tournament Information

For Younger and Less Experienced Duelists

Duelist League is the perfect place for you to find fun and exciting Duels just for you.

The Duelist League is an event that provides a tournament experience for Duelists who are either new to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME or new to Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments.  Duelist League events have been designed to provide a more casual tournament experience to familiarize the Duelist to Organized Play prior to participating in regular tournaments that are open to all Duelists.

For Teams of two Duelists

This Match is between two teams of two Duelists!

Tag Dueling Information

For All Ages

If you like playing in tournaments that reward creative Deck-building and innovative strategy, then Pegasus Challenge is for you!

Each week, your local Official Tournament Store will choose one from a list of different challenges. Each challenge will make Dueling a little bit different from what you’re used to, so you might need to change your Deck to adjust!

Make a habit of checking this page regularly to find out about your store’s challenge this week, view the other available challenges, and see what else is new!

Pegasus Challenge Information


Time Wizard is up to some shenanigans! He’s travelling to the past and rediscovering how Duels were played many years ago! Reach out to your OTS to see what era Time Wizard has visited most recently and relive past formats!
Time Wizard events use the available Cards, Forbidden & Limited List, and game rules from the era determined by the OTS hosting the event.

Time Wizard Information


Does your Deck have the Heart of the Underdog, fighting to win against the format’s top Decks? Join your local OTS for Heart of the Underdog events and allow your Deck to shine! Your OTS will provide a list of Deck Types and Themes that are not allowed for each Heart of the Underdog event. Duelists will then use their Deck-building skills to build new Decks and see which Deck truly has the most Heart!

Heart of the Underdog Information


There is a great deal of power found in Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Secret Rare Cards. But can you compete if you can only use Common Cards? Find out at your OTS in the next Common Charity event! Duelists must build Decks using only Common Cards. This applies to all parts of the Deck – the Main Deck, Side Deck, and Extra Deck! Without the power of their higher Rarity cards, do you have what it takes to win the next Common Charity event?

Common Charity Information


Yugi and Kaiba once Dueled using the power of Deck Masters. Now you can too! You begin each Match by selecting a monster to serve as Deck Master to help you Duel. Search for the perfect Deck Master and join the next Deck Master event at your local OTS!

Deck Master Information


Join your OTS for the next Rivalry of Warlords event and learn more about recent Deck themes to improve your game! KONAMI has created guides for recent Deck themes, including full Deck Lists as well as information on how best to use them! Dive into the guides and learn all about these amazing Decks, and maybe you will find your next favorite Deck!

Rivalry of the Warlords Information