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Storm of Ragnarok Special Edition


Product TypeOthers
Launch Date03/22/2011
Konami Tournament Legal Date03/22/2011
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Each Storm of Ragnarok Special Edition comes with 3 booster packs, plus 1 of 2 variant cards: either Light and Darkness Dragon or Hand of the Six Samurai!

The legend of Ragnarok may mean the end of the world, but even that can’t stop Duelists from coming back for more of this awesome booster set!

Storm of Ragnarok Special Edition offers a second chance for glory, with three booster packs of Storm of Ragnarok plus one of two Super Rare variant cards: Light and Darkness Dragon or Hand of the Six Samurai.

Light and Darkness Dragon is the #1 monster used by Chazz Princeton in the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Manga. This Level 8 super-dragon stops every Spell, Trap, and monster effect that tries to activate. Since it shuts down everything else, it’s easy for this monster to rule the field! Light and Darkness Dragon has only been released as a hard-to-find Ultra Rare or Secret Rare card. Don’t miss this chance to grab more for your Deck!

The Legendary Six Samurai are one of the major themes in the Storm of Ragnarok booster set. To celebrate, we are re-releasing Hand of the Six Samurai, a Secret Rare card from 2008’s The Duelist Genesis booster set. Hand of the Six Samurai lets you Tribute any Six Samurai monster to destroy 1 monster on the field. So no matter how big your opponent’s monsters might be, your Six Samurai can take them down easily – without getting their hands dirty!

Special Edition boxes give you a great value by combining booster packs from the latest set with reprints of hard-to-find cards! It’s an easy and affordable way to mix up the newest boosters with some old-time favorites.