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Retro Pack 2


Product TypeOthers
Launch Date08/04/2009
Konami Tournament Legal Date08/04/2009

Go back in time with Retro Pack 2! These packs contain reprints of the most popular cards from booster sets 4 through 7, plus out-of-print promotional cards.

This 100-card set boasts the most sought-after cards from Pharaoh’s ServantLabyrinth of NightmareLegacy of Darkness, and Pharaonic Guardian. Plus, Retro Pack 2 contains many limited print and hard to get cards including “Light and Darkness Dragon” from SHONEN JUMP Magazine and “Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon” from Yu-Gi-Oh! the Movie!

Each Retro Pack 2 box or blister-pack contains 3 packs of Retro Pack 2 plus 1 variant card. The North American version includes a variant “Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest,” while the European, Latin American, and Oceanic versions contain “Gorz the Emissary of Darkness.”

Retro Pack 2 contains 100 cards:

  • 48 Common Cards (8:1)
  • 24 Rare Cards (1:1)
  • 10 Super Rare Cards (1:5)
  • 8 Ultra Rare Cards (1:12)