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Abyss Rising Special Edition


Product TypeOthers
Launch Date12/07/2012
Konami Tournament Legal Date12/07/2012
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MSRP$9.99 per Box

Each box of Abyss Rising Special Edition comes with 3 booster packs of Abyss Rising, plus 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards to power up your Deck: either the terrifying Dark Smog or the delightful Gagaga Girl!

Each box of Abyss Rising Special Edition comes with 3 booster packs of Abyss Rising, plus 1 of 2 Super Rare variant cards. Abyss Rising features monsters from the abyss at the bottom of the seas, but your Special Edition might contain a terrifying weapon from a very different abyss: the Dark Smog! Or, on a more cheerful note, you could get one of the most popular monsters from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZexalGagaga Girl!

Last year, in the Gates of the Underworld Structure DeckThe Gates of Dark World opened and unleashed Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World and his mad minions back into the world of Dueling. Now you can have access to Grapha’s greatest weapon: the Dark Smog! After defeating their foes, the Dark World army uses its Dark Smog to consume them completely, transforming their life essence into a terrifying power to be used against your opponent! The Dark Smog is so vile and thick that once it envelops the field it never lifts, allowing the Dark World Army to consume its foes turn after turn.

Gagaga Girl has been dialing up her friends like a madwoman to make sure they can make it to the biggest Xyz Monster party around! When you use Yuma’s “Gagaga” monsters, get ready for the time of your life because anything can happen! Gagaga Magician lets you choose what Level he is. And Gagaga Girl can match her Level to his. Put them together and you get 2 monsters of ANY Level you want, so you can invite almost any Xyz Monster there is to come join the fun!!
Bonus: When you Xyz Summon with them, you can knock an enemy monster’s Attack Points down to 0! You can get even more Gagaga monsters, like Gagaga Caesar and Gagaga Cowboy, in your Abyss Rising booster packs.

You’re guaranteed one of these cards in your Special Edition box (either Dark Smog or Gagaga Girl), plus the 27 cards you pull from your 3 booster packs, loaded up with Mermails, Madolches, and more! Abyss Rising Special Edition is a great way to power up your current Deck, or build a whole new Deck, for less than it would cost to buy 3 individual booster packs!