02 / 04 / 2014

YCS Paris: The first 2 Giant Cards!

YCS Paris is fast approaching, and Duelists from all over Europe are making their final preparations! In addition to the main event, the French capital will also play host to various Public Events, including the ever popular ATTACK OF THE GIANT CARD!! tournaments!

Over the next few weeks we will be revealing all 6 of YCS Paris' Giant Cards here on yugioh-card.com, introducing the first 2 of them right now!

Noble Knight Peredur is one of the more recent additions to the Noble Knight theme. When this LIGHT monster is equipped with a "Noble Arms" card, it becomes a DARK, Level 5 monster, which makes Xyz Summoning higher Rank monsters easier! In addition, if Peredur is equipped with a "Noble Arms" card and is destroyed, you can add any "Noble Arms" card from your Graveyard to your hand.

Ancient Pixie Dragon is a new Synchro Monster, available in Premium Gold! This card provides various benefits when you activate or control a Field Spell Card, such as drawing an additional card or destroying opposing monsters!

Check back in a few days when we reveal the next 2 Giant Cards of YCS Paris!

YCS Paris takes place on April 26/27.
Click here for event information. | Click here for event coverage.


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