August 7, 2013

Coming Soon... Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Turin (Italy),
November 30 - December 1, 2013!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series has visited several of the most famous cities in Europe, such as Paris, Leipzig and Barcelona. Now it's Italy's turn to host Europe's premier Dueling event, with YCS Turin!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Turin will take place on November 30 and December 1, where everybody is welcome to come along and join in on the Dueling action!

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series events are big, exciting 2-day tournaments where hundreds of Duelists from around the globe compete for fame, glory and all sorts of exclusive prizes. These events are also the perfect opportunity to Duel, trade and hang out with hundreds of other Yu-Gi-Oh! fans.

The top performing Duelists of the weekend will write their names into the history books, while also winning exclusive promotional cards and other high-end prizes. In addition to the main event, there will be several Public Events taking place, ranging from Win-A-Mat tournaments and Sealed Play to events that are exclusive to younger Duelists and WCQ: Regionals for the brand new 2014 WCQ season.

Competitive or casual, there is something for everyone to do at Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Turin. We hope to see you there!


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