Announcing the 2013 European Championship: Frankfurt (Germany), June 28 - 30!

Thousands of Duelists from across Europe have competed in WCQ: Regional Qualifiers throughout the year to earn invites for this year's WCQ: European Championship. This prestigious event will be held at the heart of Europe, in the wonderful German city of Frankfurt!

This year we will be offering Duelists one last chance to qualify for the European Championship, with Last-Chance Qualifiers being held at the venue on Friday the 28th. That way, Duelists who haven't qualified for the main event can still have a shot at competing!
In addition to the main event, Frankfurt will also be playing host to the WCQ: European Dragon Duel Championship. This event is open to Duelists born in the years 2000 and later, and runs in parallel to the main event. Duelists who are eligible can choose to either compete in the Dragon Duel Championship, or in the main event against the older Duelists!

The top performing Duelists of the weekend (including the winners of the Dragon Duel) will qualify for the 2013 Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship. This year, Yu-Gi-Oh!'s showcase event will be held under the bright lights of Las Vegas (USA) on August 10 and 11th!
For those Duelists who miss out on qualifying, there will be several Public Events over the course of this weekend. These events include the YCS Trial (which awards free travel and accommodation to the next European YCS), Regional Qualifiers for the 2014 WCQ: European Championship, and the ever-popular Attack of the Giant Card events!

With all these exciting activities going on, attending the WCQ: European Championship has never been more enticing! It's not only for already-qualified Duelists, everyone is welcome to join us in Frankfurt for three days of fun and Dueling!
We look forward to seeing you there!

More information on the 2013 WCQ: European Championship can be found here.


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