Duelist League format updated

Dear Duelists,

Based on feedback that we received from organizers and players alike, we will make several changes to the Duelist League. The first change affects the age restriction for those events:

Currently, the Duelist League – and its latest prize cards – are only available to young Duelists. The idea behind this age restriction was to have a Dueling environment for our younger fans, in which they could learn to Duel without feeling intimidated by the more competitive Duelists. However, this age restriction did not only exclude the competitive Duelists from the Duelist League, but also Duelists who are new to the game but already above the age limit. Those should still be given a chance to get into Dueling gradually, and to learn to play among other beginners regardless of age.

To that end, effective immediately, the Duelist League will be open to all age groups.

Duelist League is still primarily aimed at beginning Duelists as a means of introducing them to official tournaments. To make sure that Duelist League isn’t dominated by the more competitive Duelists, older and more experienced Duelists can participate, but everyone who wins three Duelist League events will not be able to compete in any further Duelist League events (they can of course still participate in other regular tournaments!) – with the exception of Duelists born 2000 or later, who can participate in Duelist League events as often as they like.

Secondly, we are changing the way Duelist League prize cards are distributed. From now on, the winner of a Duelist League tournament will receive two Duelist League prize cards of his or her choice from the available selection. Each other participant will receive one Duelist League prize card of his or her choice from the available selection. Swiss standings after the event determine who chooses first (after the winner got his or her cards, the second-placed Duelist chooses, then the third-placed, etc.)

Thirdly, you will have noticed that the above section mentions “tournament”. A lot of the feedback we received regarding the Duelist League concerned its structure as Open Dueling, which didn’t fit the needs and wishes of Duelists and organizers alike. We are responding to this feedback by changing the Duelist League structure to a tournament structure.

Duelist League will now be run as regular Swiss-style tournaments, best-of-three matches with Advanced Constructed Decks.

We trust that those changes will make Duelist League more accessible to everyone, and continue to be a great way to introduce new Duelists into the amazing world of Yu-Gi-Oh! Organized Play.


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