Konami Card Game Official Tournament Support System – COSSY – to debut on 17 August in Europe

The wait is finally over: on 17 August the new Yu-Gi-Oh! organized play system will officially start in Europe. Under the umbrella of the Konami Card Game Official Tournament Support System (short: COSSY) dedicated tournament stores all over Europe will be able to hold sanctioned tournaments for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Konami Digitial Entertainment and its partners will provide all registered stores with the official Konami player cards and all other material needed to run these events. You can get your personal Konami player ID card in your local tournament store when you play your first tournament under COSSY and can register yourself on https://www.cossy.konami.jp afterwards. After registration you can see your ranking and compare your success in tournaments with the best players on the continent. This is only the first step in establishing the new worldwide Yu-Gi-Oh! organized play system in Europe.

More exciting news on tournaments, products and special Yu-Gi-Oh! events will follow shortly, so stay tuned! 

If you have any questions on COSSY and official Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments, you can contact us at yugioh@konami-europe.net.  


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