24 / 04 / 2019


Dueling is set to take a dark turn in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG), as shadows of the past collide with the umbra of untold futures.

Two tremendous booster sets pit time-honored strategies against modern magic and might. First Konami Digital Entertainment, B.V. (KONAMI) presents Dark Neostorm, the second core booster set of 2019 and a new beginning for more than 30 different fan-favorite themes.

Then, the battle for Speed Duel dominance continues in Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep. Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba reignite their storied feud, and Mako Tsunami emerges from the watery depths to join the fight. Whether you’re an Advanced Format Duelist or a Speed Dueling star, untold surprises await this May!




In May, the next core booster set arrives to a thunderous debut! Dark Neostorm elevates over 30 different themes from the early days of Dueling all the way to the most modern eras. Dark Neostorm isn’t just a blast from the past: it’s a turbo-charged tumult encompassing every era of Dueling.

Xyz enthusiasts will want the new Firewall eXceed Dragon, the latest high-powered dragon from Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS. World Chalice, Krawler, Mekk-Knight, Crusadia, Orcust, and Guardragon all make an appearance in Dark Neostorm alongside a brand-new Knightmare that can wipe the field clean of Link Monsters!

Duelists can get a preview of Dark Neostorm at Sneak Peeks scheduled for April 27 and/or April 28 at participating Official Tournament Stores. Duelists can find more information and a list of locations here: https://www.yugioh-card.com/uk/events/detail.php?id=6200

Dark Neostorm debuts May 2 with a total of 100 new cards: 48 Commons, 20 Rares, 14 Super Rares, 10 Ultra Rares, and 8 Secret Rares.




The next chapter of Speed Dueling is upon us! Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep follows March’s Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls, introducing another five Skill Cards and 45 more cards that are new to Speed Dueling.


While Yugi and Ishizu received new Skill Cards in Speed Duel: Arena of Lost Souls, it’s time for Seto Kaiba to even the score. Taking inspiration from his famous “Virus” Trap Cards, Kaiba strips powerful cards from his opponent’s Deck to sabotage their strategy. But Joey Wheeler scores a new Skill Card too! Side with the ultimate underdog and you’ll unlock the power to transcend luck once per Duel. With your back to the wall, Joey lets you choose your fate and turn the entire Duel around in one shot… Maybe.

Need a new hero? Mako Tsunami crashes straight into Speed Dueling with an army dredged from the depths of the seven seas, and he’s bringing three new Skill Cards with him! Speed Duelists will also find powerful cards useful for any Deck: the classic Magician of Faith lets you reuse your best Spell Cards, Blade Knight mounts solo attacks on your opponent, and Dust Tornado offers easy Spell and Trap destruction. Whatever your path in Speed Dueling may be, Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep can up your game.

Speed Duel: Attack from the Deep booster set surfs into stores on May 30 with 45 cards new to Speed Dueling plus 5 new Skill Cards: 34 Commons, 8 Super Rares and 8 Ultra Rares.


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