13 / 02 / 2019

Speed Duel Public Events come to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series!

Speed Dueling, a new way to play the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME, is here and Duelists are having a great time with this specialised format and the Skill Cards exclusive to the ruleset.

With Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (YCS) Düsseldorf around the corner we would like to announce today that we’re hosting Speed Dueling Public Events at upcoming YCS tournaments!



For those new to the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG competitive scene, YCS events are large-scale tournaments that happen all over the world, with top-level players competing for major prizes.

In addition to the “Main Event” which takes place over 2 days to find the overall winner, several smaller tournaments called Public Events are held where you can try out different ways to play the game, qualify for the Continental Championships or compete for unique prizes!



With Speed Dueling now available in the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG we’ll be hosting Public Events for this ruleset, beginning at YCS Düsseldorf.

These events will be using the Speed Duel Advanced Constructed format, allowing you to combine your cards from the Speed Duel Starter Decks: Destiny Masters & Duelists of Tomorrow to make the best Decks possible! Once Speed Dueling booster packs become available you can add new cards to your Decks for even more strategies!


As with all Public Events Duelists will receive booster packs to the value of their tournament entry fee, and winners will earn points towards the YCS prize wall, where all sorts of special goodies and prizes are redeemable!

Best of luck to everybody attending YCS Düsseldorf this month, see you there!


Welcome to Speed Dueling!


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