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This page is designed to help teach you the basics of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG. Your journey to becoming a top Duelist begins here!

By following this guide you should be able to get the hang of the basics and start getting used to the flow of a typical Duel. Let's get started!

Before we begin however you will need:

First you need to decide who will play the Yuya Deck and who will play the Declan Deck. You can tell which card belongs to each Deck by looking at this part of the card:

After you decide which player will use each Deck for your first Duel you will need to sort the top 9 cards of Declan’s Deck like this:

1 (Top): YS15-END01 Beast of Talwar
2: YS15-END02 Archfiend Soldier
3: YS15-END12 Smashing Ground
4: YS15-END04 Goblin Elite Attack Force
5: YS15-END05 Axe Dragonute
6: YS15-END14 Axe of Despair
7: YS15-END20 Call of the Haunted
8: YS15-END09 Bright Star Dragon
9: YS15-END00 D/D/D Dragon King Pendragon
(Shuffle the rest and place the face-down at the bottom of this Deck)

Please sort the top 8 cards of Yuya’s Deck like this:

1 (Top): YS15-ENY01 Alexandrite Dragon
2: YS15-ENY02 Mystical Elf
3: YS15-ENY16 Malevolent Nuzzler
4: YS15-ENY08 Ancient Dragon
5: YS15-ENY18 Pinpoint Guard
6: YS15-ENY04 Cyber Dragon
7: YS15-ENY15 Black Pendant
8: YS15-ENY00 Odd-Eyes Saber Dragon
(Shuffle the rest and place the face-down at the bottom of this Deck)

The rest of the cards in each Deck should be shuffled so that you do not know their order, and placed face-down in the Deck Zone. You then place the above cards on top of their respective Decks in the above orders. The field should look like this:

As a side note, in a regular Duel you must shuffle your whole Deck so that you do not know the order of the cards at all, however for the purpose of this first guide please sort the top cards as above.

At this point in a regular Duel you randomly decide who will go first, but for this guide Yuya will take the first turn. Get ready because the fun has just begun!

Each player begins the Duel with 8000 Life Points (LP). You should write down each player's score and keep track of it during the Duel.

Now each player draws 5 cards.


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