Stephan Sluis wins the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series Paris!



852 players showed up for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series at Escape Charenton in Paris! The players competed through 10 intense rounds of Swiss, and only 32 of them were allowed to advance to the final knock-out portion of the tournament.
The final match of the event was played between Stephan Sluis from the Netherlands and the 15-year old Tudor Mitchell from France. In the end, Stephan and his X-Sabers emerged victorious.

Congratulations as well to Guillaume Messak, who bested 30 other juniors and thus managed to win the Dragon Duel public event!

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Top 8 Playoffs

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals Champion
Stephan Sluis
1 Stephan Sluis
8 Luke Lennard
Stephan Sluis
4 Vincent Ralambomiadana
(Six Samurai)
Vincent Ralambomiadana
(Six Samurai)
Stephan Sluis
5 Soner Güngür
(Six Samurai)
2 Tudor Mitchell
(Chaos Plants)
Tudor Mitchell
(Chaos Plants)
7 Lukas Prinz
Tudor Mitchell
(Chaos Plants)
3 Yohann Descamps
(Six Samurai)
Yohann Descamps
(Six Samurai)
6 Peter Gross


The following players qualified to the WCQ: European Championships:

Bountalidis, Chris
Ciplak, Michael
Prinz, Lukas
Madaj, Adrian
Mitchell, Tudor
Lari, Riccardo
Jeremy, Henrion
Lamour, Jeremy
Marcheras, Benjamin
Just Jensen, Kim
Garcia, Pedro
Descamps, Yohann
Goodridge, Matt
Gross, Peter
Kirchmair, Claudio
Josse, Lormier
Pradelles, Pierre
Lennard, Luke
Faby, Nathan
Wallis, Alexander
Hill, Johannes
Alici, Luigi
Sluis, Stephan
Duval, Enzo
Güngür, Soner
Giner, Leo
Gloor, Kevin
Segouali, Alla-Eddine
Giacomazzi, Gregory
Jones, Martin
Ralambomiadana, Vincent
Schumacher, Merlin




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