Konami presents: YCS Sheffield!


YCS Sheffield will be a very special YCS: Instead of Advanced Constructed, this event will be played as a Sealed Pack event! Duelists will receive 10 boosters Battle Pack: Epic Dawn and construct a 30-card Deck out of the cards in those packs. This way, everyone starts out with the same chances, even if they do not own a high-end Constructed Deck! More information on Sealed Pack Play in general can be found here.

This change does not mean that every YCS from now on will be Sealed Pack –  YCS Barcelona will be again played in Advanced Constructed format. However, we do plan to host some of our future YCS events as Sealed Pack.
To celebrate this very first Yu-Gi-Oh! Premier event using Sealed Pack Play, every participant will receive a very unique gamemat as participation prize!

Who can participate in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series?

The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series tournament is an open event. No invite is required – everyone can participate!

Next Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series stop:

September  08th / 09th 2012
Sheffield International Venues – Ice Sheffield
Coleridge Rd, Sheffield S9 5DA
United Kingdom

Event Structure

  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series will be Sealed Pack Play format. Every participant will receive 10 boosters Battle Pack: Epic Dawn at the player meeting. They will then build a 30-card Deck out of the cards received from those packs and use that Deck to play during the event.
  • To avoid problems during Deck registration, and to eliminate the need for a Deck Swap, Duelists at the YCS Sheffield main event will be given pre-registered card pools to construct their Decks. This will make it easier for everybody, as accidental mis-registrations can be avoided.
  • The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series will consist of a number of Swiss-style rounds, followed by one or more top cuts, as follows:
    • Up to 512 Duelists: 6 rounds of Swiss on Saturday, 3 rounds of Swiss on Sunday (open to Top64 AND everyone with 12 points or more), then Top16 Single-Elimination
    • 513 to 1024 Duelists: 7 rounds of Swiss on Saturday, 3 rounds of Swiss on Sunday (open to Top128 AND everyone with 15 points or more), then Top32 Single-Elimination
    • 1025 or more Duelists: 8 rounds of Swiss on Saturday, 3 rounds of Swiss on Sunday (open to Top256 AND everyone with 18 points or more), then Top32 Single-Elimination
  • There will be a playoff match for 3rd place.
  • The time limit for Deck Construction is 20 minutes. The time limit for each round is 40 minutes. For semifinals, finals and playoff for 3rd place, it is 60 minutes.
  • At the start of Sunday’s competition, each Duelist who is eligible to continue to play in the main event (see above) will receive a new card pool. He will then construct a new Deck from this new card pool and continue to play with this new Deck.

Prizes and Entry Fee

Entry fee for the event will be 15 Pounds. Every participant receives 10 boosters Battle Pack: Epic Dawn as particiaption prize / Deck building material.
Each Duelist also receives an exclusive participation gamemat and a Battle Pack: Epic Dawn Deck box.



Ultra Rare “Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry”  YCS Prize Card
Paid travel and accomodation to/at WCQ EC 2013


Super Rare “Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry” YCS Prize Card
32GB tablet PC


Super Rare “Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry” YCS Prize Card
32 GB touchscreen MP3 player


32 GB touchscreen MP3 player


Nintendo 3DS with Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2011


24 boosters of Return of the Duelist

all Top 32

YCS gamemat & qualification to WCQ EC 2013


10 Battle Pack: Epic Dawn boosters; YCS Gamemat

Public Events

KONAMI offers many exciting activities during those two days, namely a feature match area where you can watch the top Duels of the main event, and a wide selection of Public Events, ranging from casual to highly-competive events.

Event Name

Entry Fee



Start time



Duelist League
(without age restriction)






Duelist League promos


6 £




2 boosters


Attack of the Giant Card!

9 £



SAT 14:00
SUN 10:00
SUN 11:00
SUN 12:00

3 boosters

Oversized Card (choice of two)

WCQ Regionals 2013

9 £




3 boosters

Winner: Invite to WCQ: EC 2013,
Gamemat, Deckbox

Sealed Pack Play
– competitive

15 £




10 Battle

Winner: 1 Starfoil card
(from availabe selection)
plus YCS Sheffield gamemat;
2nd: 1 Starfoil card

Dragon Duel

2 £



SUN, 9:00

1 booster

Top4: Gamemat, Deckbox
Top8: (+all with the same points as 8th):
2 boosters

Invites to WCQ: EC 2013:

YCS Trial

9 £



SUN 10:00

3 Boosters

Winner: Travel and accomodation to
next European YCS;
Additional random prizes given out
during the event

Public Events
Top Playoff




SUN, 17:00


1 Super Rare " Digvorzhak,
King of Heavy Industry " YCS prize card

Public Events
Random Playoff




SUN, 17:00


1 Super Rare " Digvorzhak,
King of Heavy Industry " YCS prize card



16:00 Early Registration begins
21:00 Early Registration ends

08:00 Venue opens / registration begins
10:00 Registration ends
10:00 Seating posted; player meeting, Deck Construction
11:00 Public Event registration begins
19:00 Public Event registration ends
22:30 Venue closes

08:00 Venue opens
09:00 Main event begins
14:45 Top8 begin
18:00 Awards ceremony
19:00 Hall closes



Dragon Duel


After the success of this year’s European Dragon Duel Championship (July 7/8 in Milan), we would like to present more young Duelists with the chance to compete in next year’s Championship, and to earn an invite to the World Championship.
Until now, each Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series (YCS) featured one Dragon Duel Public event, with the top 4 players qualifying to the European Championship. For YCS Sheffield and future events, we will change the number of qualified players, as follows:

# of participants # of qualifications
4-8 4
9-16 8
17-32 12
33-64 16
65+ 20

The Dragon Duel event at YCS Sheffield will take place on Sunday, and will be open to all Duelists born 2000 or later.
We are looking forward to exciting Duels among our younger players, and see you all in Sheffield!



There will be round-by-round online coverage of this event, including feature matches, a photo gallery, deck analysis and more – even if you’re unable to make it to the event, you can still be part of the action as the coverage page is updated with  live content from the tournament site.

Look for coverage at http://tcg.konami-europe.net/coverage/, and follow the event as it progresses.

Preparing for this event

Be prepared to present your COSSY ID number along with your name at registration. If you don’t have a COSSY ID number, you can receive one at registration.
You should bring any tournament supplies you will need: paper and pen to track Life Points, dice or counters if you are using cards which require them, extra sleeves to replace any that become damaged, and so forth. Players participating in these events are expected to be familiar with KONAMI’s tournament policies. These can be found in the “Gameplay” section of this website.


Early registration on Friday

You can – and you should! – register at the venue on Friday (16:00 - 21:00) already. Once you are registered, you are officially entered into the tournament and will not need to register again on Saturday. Save yourself a few hours of sleep on Saturday morning, and take advantage of early registration! You can pick up a copy of the Deck List form when you register.


If sleeping in isn’t reason enough for you to register on Friday, maybe this is: All YCS events in 2012 will award an exclusive promotional item to those who take advantage of Friday’s early registration! (while supplies last)

Pre-registration online

You can also pre-register online to speed up your registration process. Please note that even if you preregistered online, you will still register on-site either Friday or Saturday morning. Online pre-registration means that you’ll only need to show your COSSY ID at registration, instead of providing your full information then.

How to get there

By plane: The closest international airport to Sheffield is Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which is located 18 miles (29 km) from the city centre. Leeds Bradford International Airport and East Midlands Airport: Nottingham, Leicester, Derby lie within one hour's drive of the city, and Manchester Airport is connected to Sheffield by a direct train every hour.

By car:
Please find driving directions to Ice Sheffield here: http://www.sivltd.com/venues/ice_sheffield/directions


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