WCQ Regionals

WCQ: Regionals offer a chance to qualify for the WCQ: Continental Championship. They are events designed to draw a large number of players and will be run as Swiss-style events; the format is Advanced Constructed or Sealed Pack Play.

These events run continuously throughout the year.

In addition to the usual participation prizes, WCQ: Regionals offer an exclusive Game Mat to the Top 8 Duelists (artwork tied to the most recent booster set), a deck box to the Top 4 Duelists, as well as additional booster prizes at the organizer’s discretion.

Of course, the most exciting part about competing in a WCQ: Regionals is the chance to qualify for the WCQ: Continental Championship. Each event offers qualifications to the top-finishing players. The number of players to receive such a qualification depends on the number of participants. For each 8 participants (rounded up), there is one qualification.

If a junior player (born 2001 or later) earns an invite at a WCQ: Regionals, he can choose to participate in either the 2014 WCQ: Continental Championship or the 2014 WCQ: Continental Dragon Duel Championship, which will both take place on the same weekend in the same location.

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