Structure Deck: Cyberse Link Launch Event

04 / 11 / 2017
05 / 11 / 2017

To celebrate the upcoming release of the Structure Deck: Cyberse Link, tournament stores will be running special launch events where you can harness the power of Link Monsters!


The Cyberse take Dueling technology into a new era! Take advantage of their high-speed network capabilities as they help each other onto the field. Once you have gotten the most out of their processing power, use them to compute the necessary data to Link Summon 3 new, all-foil Link Monsters! Mix those zeroes and one with a little magic to Link Summon Binary Sorceress, upgrade your hardware and enter the third dimension to Link Summon Tri-Gate Wizard, and convert your monsters into Link Materials to Link Summon Encode Talker!




In each Structure Deck: Cyberse Link launch event, Duelists will get a brand new Structure Deck to compete with, and you could have a chance to obtain an exclusive Game Mat!

Dates & Locations:



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