Downloadable Forms

This page contains a collection of user-downloadable forms which serve various purposes.
Duelists are free to download any of these forms for filling in and/or printing.

Forms found on this page will be made available in the following formats (as appropriate):
  • PDF - Scalable document
  • JPG - Image file
  • DOC/XLS - Editable document (requires supported software to open)

To download the files, simply select (or right-click + Save-As) the file link you want and select a save location on your computer or smartphone.

Notes regarding Downloadable Forms
  • Forms are made for printing on A4-size paper, and may be either color or monochrome (black & white).
  • To ensure the correct printing size, please download the file(s) before selecting your system's print option.
  • With the exception of signatures, forms may be photocopied along with its contents for future use.
  • As contents may be subject to change along with the game, please use the latest version of forms made available here.
  • All forms which require signatures must be signed with an ink pen; other forms of signature will not be accepted (pasted image, pencil, etc).

Deck List Forms

Last Update: 2015/03/23
For certain events and tournaments, a deck list containing a list of cards used in a duelist's deck must be submitted on the day of the event (unless specified).