Ranking Tournament 2021

Ranking Tournament 2021

Take part in the Ranking Tournaments held all across the Asia region to earn ranking points! These points will enable you to get Rank-Up League Participation Duel Field.

Tournament Format;
Advanced Format
Take part in the ranking tournaments with your deck that fulfills the latest Forbidden Card List!
Card Legality: Only Japanese, Asia English and Traditional-Chinese language cards.
Format: Swiss or Single Elimination
Forbidden Card List:Link
Ranking Point System
15 points for participation.
10 points for winning a round.
No points lost for losing a round.

For more details, please check the following:
Ranking Tournament Schedule

Event Details
In 2021, points calculation will be separated by 2 Phase

Phase 1 : 2021 1st APR – 2021 30th Sep
Phase 2 : 2021 1st Oct – 2022 31st Mar

Update **Points will be reset for new phase start

The top 32 Duelists who participate in the Rank-Up League will receive a Rank-Up League Participation Duel Field.

More updates and future Rank-Up League mat designs will be updated at a later date.


Please visit :Konami Card Game Network to view your ranking.