Ranking Tournament 2020

Ranking Tournament 2020

Take part in the Ranking Tournaments held all across the Asia region to earn ranking points! These points will enable you to take part in the Rank-Up League and get seeded for the WCSQ! (World Championship Qualifier former name ACS Final)

Tournament Format;
Advanced Format
Take part in the ranking tournaments with your deck that fulfills the latest Forbidden Card List!
Card Legality: Only Japanese, Asia English and Traditional-Chinese language cards.
Format: Swiss or Single Elimination
Forbidden Card List:Link
Ranking Point System
15 points for participation.
10 points for winning a round.
No points lost for losing a round.

For more details, please check the following:
Ranking Tournament Schedule

Event Details
In 2020, points calculation will be separated by 2 Phase

Phase 1 : 2020 1st APR – 30th Sep
Phase 2 : 1st Oct – 2021 31st Mar

Update : After half year (6-mounths) is completed, each area will host a Rank-Up League, which the top ranking 32 players from that half year will be invited to duel for the throne of the Rank-Up League champion. The Champion of Rank-up league grants participation rights to the WCSQ 2021 event (World Championship Qualifier former name ACS Final)

**Seasonal Ranking up league will be cancelled
**Points will be reset for new phase start

The top 32 Duelists who participate in the Rank-Up League will receive a Rank-Up League Participation Duel Field.

The Champion of Rank-up league grants participation rights to the WCSQ main event. The winner will have to make his/her own flight and accommodation arrangements. If rejected, the prize will be passed on, limited to the top 8 rankers.

Note: You must participate personally in the Rank-Up League Tournament to receive the Participant's Duel Field.
If you do not attend the tournament personally, you will not receive the duel field.
The details for each region's Rank-Up League will be announced separately by each region's local tournament organiser.

**Ranking Top 1 champion player invitation to Asia Championship main event will be cancelled

More updates and future Rank-Up League mat designs will be updated at a later date.


Please visit :Konami Card Game Network to view your ranking.