Ranking Tournaments

Tournament Ranking 2014 [Completed]

Period: 1st April 2014 – 28th February 2015

Usable Cards
All Japanese, Asia English and Traditional-Chinese cards
(Including Duel Terminal cards. This will apply to all official tournaments from now on.)

Tournament Format
Swiss or Single Elimination, Advanced Constructed

Ranking point system
  • 10 points for participation
  • 10 points for winning a round
  • No points lost for losing a round

  • Prizes
    Top rankers from each country will receive a pack of
    top duelist limited edition sleeves!
    Hong Kong / Taiwan: Top 100 rankers
    Singapore / Malaysia / Philippines: Top 50 rankers

    The top 8 rankers for each country will become seeded for
    their country's respective Asia Championship 2015 qualifiers!

    The ranking champion for each country will be invited to the Asia Championship 2015 main event!
    This prize only grants participation rights to the Asia Championship 2015 main event. The winner will have to make his/her own flight and accommodation arrangements, and will not be allowed to participate in any Asia Championship 2015 Qualifiers. If rejected, the prize will be passed on, limited to the top 8 rankers.

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