Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's OCG Duelist Pack - Yusei Story2 -Collecting major cards using by Yusei!Let's become a top Duelist!
image●15 packs per box●5 cards per packs(1 Strategy Card)●Total 30 cards of different kinds Ultra Rare Card2pcs Super Rare Card4pcs Rare Card7pcs Normal Card17pcs●Total 10 kinds of strategy card
beginnerOfficial Release on 2009/10/17(SAT)!
Including the most latest 5D's Animation cards!DUELIST PACK Yusei  Story 2 arrives!Including most key cards used by Yusei...DUELIST PACK Yusei Story 2 finally arrives!Many new cards such as「Junk Archer」are inclued,also don’t miss the great card「Stardust Dragon/Assault Mode」 too!Moreover, powerful Trap Card「Scrubbed Raid」 is great!「スターダスト・ドラゴン/バスター」「ジャンク・アーチャー」「エキセントリック・ボーイ」Duelist Items Release Simultaneously!
Duelist Items Release Simultaneously!