Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's OCG THE SHINING DARKNESSFly apon the sky!Synchro Summon! Blackwing Dragon!!The Darkness Blast! Appearance in the mystery world!
package image●5 cards per pack●30 packs per box●Total 80 cards of different kinds
Ultra Rare Card・・・・・・5pcs
Super Rare Card・・・・・・9pcs
Rare Card・・・・・・・・18pcs
Normal Card・・・・・・・・48pcs
★1 box is not completely gathered at the 80 cards of different kinds.
★Ultra Rare also as Ultimate Rare available.
★1 of 80 cards is holographic card.Official Release on 2010/2/20(SAT)!
Lets roll up the great tornado of Blackwing!The new trump card of the anime character Crow Blackwing Dragon - is the focus, with many cards used by Yusei, Jack, Kiryu  also being featured!Features cards that reinforce and support the BF themes, as well as existing theme Decks!card image
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