Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's OCG DUELIST REVOLUTIONDuelists will raise the duel's revolution.Fusion Summon!Dragoequites the Wave Draon Knight!!
images●5 cards per pack  			 ●30 packs per box   

●Total 80 cards of different kinds
Ultra Rare Card・・・・・・5pcs 	  Super Rare Card・・・・・・9pcsRare Card・・・・・・・・18pcs 	  Normal Card・・・・・・・・48pcs
★1 box is not completely gathered at the 80 cards of different kinds.
★Ultra Rare also as Ultimate Rare available.
★1 of 80 cards is holographic card.
Official Release on 2010/4/17(SAT)!
Duel's revolution is brought by the fusion of Synchro Monster!
Yusei's new monster “Surging Dragon Knight Dragoequites”, fusion by Synchro Monster, has  arrived. Fusion Summon support cards are included.Card Images
New monster “Scrap” is approaching!
Including “Scrap” monster, that will activate effect when it is destroyed. 
Master the power of “Scrap” by good timing of effect activation.Team Unicorn's cards arrive!
Including cards used by Team Unicorn in Anime “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's”.
Let’s collect all 3 unicorn cards!
Duelist Items Now on Sale!Official PackDuelist Items Now on Sale!