Starter 2009
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Starter Deck Duelist Toolbox
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Starter Deck
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Starter Deck Duelist Toolbox

If you want to become a Duelist, this is the place to start!

The Duelist Toolbox Starter Deck contains everything you need to learn how to play and build your first Deck. This 44-card Deck includes 40 cards for your Main Deck, plus 4 Synchro Monsters to get your Extra Deck rolling.

This Starter makes learning easy, and will set you up with an effective Deck that can win you some games, especially once you play the brand-new Junk Destroyer Synchro Monster. When you Summon your Junk Destroyer, you can destroy anything on the field!

As an extra bonus, Duelist Toolbox includes a Super Rare copy of X-Saber Wayne. X-Saber monsters are on a hot streak, and the release of Duelist Toolbox marks the tournament-legal date for X-Saber Wayne, so be sure and grab yours as soon as he’s available!

Duelist Toolbox Contains:
40 Common Cards
1 Ultra Rare Card
3 Super Rare Cards
1 Beginner’s Guide
1 Game Mat




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