Product Title:
Shadow Specters Special Edition
Product Type:
Special Edition Box
Launch Date:
13 Dec. 2013
Tournament Legality Date:
13 Dec. 2013

Shadow Specters Special Edition

Special Editions give Duelists a great value, combining 3 packs of the latest
Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME booster release with 1 of 2 variant cards. In addition to 3 packs of Shadow Specters, each Special Edition box will contain a special foil card sure to make a lucky Duelist’s day. Great value and excellent content will make the Shadow Specters Special Edition a must-have for players of all skill levels.

Duelists will also want to pick up this second offering of Shadow Specters because of this booster set's great synergy with prior and upcoming releases. Shadow Specters has plenty of cards designed to build upon themes such as Vampires, Noble Knights, and even Monarchs!

Box contents:
• 3 Booster Packs Shadow Specters
• 1 of 2 Super Rare Variant Cards

• 10 boxes per Display Box
• 12 Display Boxes per Case