Storm of Ragnarok
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Structure Deck Lost Sanctuary
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Structure Deck
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Structure Deck Lost Sanctuary


Here’s your chance to become a star player in a cosmic conflict waged across our entire Solar System!

The Structure Deck Lost Sanctuary puts the power of the planets themselves in your hands. Now you can command The Agents, a collection of out-of-this-world monsters based on the planets of our Solar System! Led by “Master Hyperion”, the personification of the Sun’s fury, your Agents will wage war from their fortress amidst the heavens.

The Agents’ celestial stronghold is “The Sanctuary in the Sky”. When Agents battle while their Sanctuary is active, their special abilities get an upgrade. Check out the astronomical abilities that The Agents bring to your Deck:



 The Grandest Stage There Is!



Destroy anything!
Draw 2 cards per turn!
Summon extra monsters!
Search out other Agents, or even Hyperion!
Immune to Spells, limitless ATK!
Summon more Agents and power up!
Inflict massive damage!

This planetary Deck is more than the sum of its parts, though. The Agents (along with “Master Hyperion” himself) are all LIGHT monsters. So when you Duel using your Agents, you don’t just get the power of the planets on your side, you also get the strength of all the best LIGHT monsters to go along with it!

Lost Sanctuary comes with many of the greatest LIGHT monsters ever made, including powerful, tournament-winning cards like “Honest”, “Athena”, and ”Tethys, Goddess of Light”. You also get incredible new cards like “Cards from the Sky”. It lets LIGHT Decks draw more cards than ever before!

Of course, no winning Deck is complete unless it can impose its will on any Duelist that dares to stand against it. Lost Sanctuary helps you shatter your opponents with powerful Trap Cards like “Solemn Judgment” and “Divine Punishment”. Show other Duelists why they shouldn’t mess with the very forces that hold our Solar System together!


Draw more cards!
Negate anything!

Step into the Light!

Structure Deck Lost Sanctuary is a ready-to-play 40 card Deck. You can play with it as-is, or use these cards to create and customize your own Deck.

Structure Deck Lost Sanctuary Contains:

37 Common Cards
1 Ultra Rare Card
2 Super Rare Cards
1 Rulebook
1 Game Mat
1 Dueling Guide



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