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Kaiba & Obelisk Card Sleeves
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Kaiba & Obelisk Card Sleeves

After the reunification of Yugi and Slifer the Sky Dragon on original Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game card sleeves in 2011, here comes the next powerful team of the Classic era with the Kaiba & Obelisk Card Sleeves!
These durable glossy sleeves feature Yugi's greatest rival Kaiba, one of the most skillful Duelists of all times. And with him comes one of the most famous monsters of Yu-Gi-Oh! Obelisk the Tormentor, one of the three legendary Egyptian God cards!
This Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic design is timeless is perfect for every fan of the original series to protect their cards. Kaiba always wanted only the best, and these high-quality sleeves would meet even his high standards.

Kaiba used Obelisk the Tormentor to defeat many powerful opponents during his Battle City Tournament. Now you can make use of the incredible strength of this legendary monster to protect your cards from wear and tear. Feel the earth shattering fist of fate with every card you play!

Card sleeves come in packs of 50 sleeves each.



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