Gold Series 2009
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Gold Series 3
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Gold Series 3

Gold Rare Cards are back for another round, with Gold Series 3! Gold Rares are the shiniest, rarest, and most blinged-out cards you can get. And Gold Series 3 brings some flash and flair to more of your favorite cards.

This time around, you can get your hands on Gold Rare versions of cards like Infernity Archfiend, Judgment Dragon, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Plaguespreader Zombie, Blackwing Armor Master, and Blackwing Armed Wing.

As a super-special bonus, Gold Series 3 is the first place you can get a hold of Jack Atlas’ Vice Dragon monster – available for the first time, AND as a Gold Rare!

If you’re looking to hop on board the latest and hottest Decks, Gold Series 3 can help get you started. The 32 Common Cards in Gold Series 3 include most of the Blackwing monsters from 2009, so it’s easy to get your Blackwing Deck together just with Gold Series 3 and the new Blackwing cards available in The Shining Darkness packs.

Gold Series 3 also includes most of the Amazoness cards, originally released way back in 2003, so you can take advantage of the new Amazoness monsters in August’s Duelist Revolution booster set.

Other Common Cards in Gold Series 3 include Destiny Hero – Malicious, Goblin Zombie, Destiny Draw, and many more.

Each box of Gold Series 3 contains 25 cards from this elite 50-card set.

Gold Series 3 Contains:
18 Gold Rare Cards
32 Common Cards




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