Duelist Pack Collection 2011
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Duelist Pack Collection 2011
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Duelist Pack Collection
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Duelist Pack Collection 2011

Now you can relive  one of the key battles from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s: The war between Yusei and the Dark Signers.

This jet-black box combines 4 of the Dark Signers’ dreaded Synchro Monsters with 4 packs of Duelist Pack – Yusei 3 –.

Duelist Pack – Yusei 3 – makes it easy to collect some of Yusei’s favorite Monsters, Spells, and Traps, including 8 new cards you can’t find anywhere else.
To represent the forces of darkness, each box includes 4 Synchro Monsters used by Yusei’s adversaries, the Dark Signers. Three of these are Super Rare reprints of hard-to-find Synchro Monsters: “Underground Arachnid”, “Zeman the Ape King”, and “Hundred Eyes Dragon”. The fourth is a brand new, Secret Rare Synchro Monster, never seen before: “Frozen Fitzgerald”! This 2500 ATK monster is immune to Spells and Traps while attacking, and if he’s destroyed, you can just Summon him back to the field!

One new Synchro Monster, three more Synchro Monsters, and four packs of Duelist Pack – Yusei 3 –, reflecting the battle against the dark soul of evil itself!

Each Duelist Pack Collection 2011 contains:

  • 1 “Frozen Fitzgerald” Secret Rare Card
  • 1 “Underground Arachnid” Super Rare Card
  • 1 “Zeman the Ape King” Super Rare Card
  • 1 “Hundred Eyes Dragon” Super Rare Card
  • 4 packs of Duelist Pack – Yusei 3 –



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