Duelist Pack - Yusei
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Duelist Pack - Yusei 3 -
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Booster Pack
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Duelist Pack - Yusei 3 -

Duelist Pack – Yusei 3 – lets you add more of Yusei’s favorite cards to your Deck, including cards from the newest season of the TV series. This 30-card Duelist Pack set contains 8 new, never-before-seen cards, including 4 new monsters, 2 new Spell Cards, and 2 new Traps. That’s more new cards than any other Duelist Pack, ever!

This is your first chance to get a hold of Battle Waltz. This brand new Spell Card lets you make a copy of any Synchro Monster you control. Your new copy will have the same ATK, DEF, Level, Type, and Attribute as the Synchro Monster you’re copying. Just like that, you’ll have two big monsters instead of one!

Shut down your opponent’s strategy with Justice Bringer, a beefy Level 4 monster that can negate the effects of any monster your opponent Special Summoned. You can also power up Justice Bringer by using Boost Warrior, a new monster that pumps up the ATK of all your Warrior-Type monsters.

If you’re looking for easier ways to Synchro Summon, Synchro Material is a new Trap Card that lets you use your opponent’s monster to do your own Synchro Summon. Also, since Synchro Material is a Trap Card, you can even use it on your opponent’s turn. (And you can Synchro Summon during your opponent’s turn, if you use Formula Synchron from Starstrike Blast, or Urgent Tuning from Duelist Pack – Yusei.)

Duelist Pack – Yusei 3 – contains 30 cards:
17 Common Cards
7 Rare Cards
4 Super Rare Cards
2 Ultra Rare Cards
plus 10 Strategy Cards



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