Duelist Pack - Yusei
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Duelist Pack - Yusei (DP08)
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Booster Pack
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Duelist Pack - Yusei

Yusei brings to life the deftness, skill and the command needed to be a leader amongst Duelists, all of which have been chronicled on the wildly popular animated television series Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. New Duelists can also live the adventure by playing Konami Digital Entertainment Inc’s (KDE) latest Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME™ (TCG) release Duelist Pack - Yusei.

Duelist Pack – Yusei is designed with new players in mind - strategy cards to help youngsters work on their game play skills and plenty of powerful cards for a winning hand. At the same time, the new cards are sure to appeal to existing players!   

Yusei is known for his leadership skills and the quickness in which he battles – both of these enable him to take advantage of his opponents who underestimate him as he utilizes speed  and swarming themed cards into his attacks. 

“Young Duelists will enjoy throwing out  Synchro Monsters, Junk Warrior, Nitro Warrior and Turbo Warrior while waiting for the right time to bust out his knock out card – Stardust Dragon,” said Yumi Hoashi, Vice President Card Business for Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc..  “Duelist Pack – Yusei is a great product tojump right into theYu-Gi-Oh! TCG mix.  There is no shortage of exciting cards to help Duelists learn the game.”

Duelist Pack – Yusei product breakdown:

  • 30‐card complete set (5 new cards, 25 existing cards)
  • Collect 17 Common Cards 
  • 7 Rare Cards
  • 4 Super Rare Cards
  • 2 Ultra Rare Cards
  • 10 Strategy Cards


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